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At the crossroads of incomparable luxury and unspoiled wilderness lies Woodscation—a luxury campsite situated on a sprawling, authentic village in western Dharamshala. Whether you choose sophisticated style luxury bell tents or an outdoor camping experience, Woodscation provides an unfiltered connection with the natural beauty of Dhauladhar, amidst a landscape of impeccable rustic elegance and comfort.

Since its inception, Woodscation has been a place to find tranquility, soothe your body and stir your imagination. Located just 15 miles from Dharamshala and 18 miles from Kangra Airport, Ghaggal, this luxury campsite is a pristine escape through the jungle over the mountain. Woodscation has been established with a vision to make camping as convenient and easy as booking a hotel, just show up and settle in with all the basic comforts.

With a team of highly motivated professionals, Woodscation aims to provide a safe, hygienic, affordable and luxurious accommodations to travelers seeking an exquisite and an extraordinary camping experience. In addition to providing accommodations, it has become a place for travelers and story tellers to come together and share their stories while having a good time around a campfire.

The core idea behind Woodscation is to disconnect, discover and re-connect with nature and ourselves. We, at Woodscation, try to stay grounded and provide local and authentic experiences to the travelers, right from food being cooked with local ingredients to the finest offerings being prepared on an open fire right before your eyes.

We invite you to experience a “Life Away From Life” at Woodscation.